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Cool kids gifts for every occasion

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, these are the best gifts for kids in 2022.

by The Totoli Team

The sheer joy in our children’s faces when they unwrap gifts is something to behold. Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or for something else – presents never get old. We know there are a lot of different considerations to make as parents when choosing a gift, so we put together a list that should have something for everyone. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best kids gifts of 2022, from cool birthday gifts for kids to cool Christmas gifts for kids, to everything else in between. 

Kids 0-2

  1. Steiff Hoppie rabbit
    It doesn’t get more classic than Steiff for your little one’s first plush animal friend or the newest addition to the collection.
  2. Haba Magnetic City
    This beautifully made magnetic wooden game is also a logic and fine motor skill training activity.
  3. PlayDoh Set
    We don’t think PlayDoh will ever stop being one of the cool gifts for kids any time soon. This starter pack of 8 colors makes for so many color combinations.
  4. VTech crawling bear
    This cute interactive plush toy crawls, counts, talks, and sings! It moves at the push of a button and encourages crawling, which promotes motor development.
  5. Fisher Price animal friends song book
    A popular sound toy that introduces animal sounds, encourages counting, and has a fun rhyming sing-along quality too.
  6. Mini Steps singalong book
    Meet your baby’s first singalong book. There are five well-known singalong songs for kids in German that start automatically when you flip the pages.
  7. Green Toys fire truck
    A timeless red fire truck in the vintage style that Green Toys is known for. The big wheels roll smoothly on any surface and the ladder moves up and down with ease.
  8. Sandbox set
    Don’t leave for the beach or the playground without this 14 piece sandbox cooking set for little kids.
  9. DUPLO set
    What does every kid want? From our experience, Lego is often a winner. Get your little one started on a lifelong Lego journey with this Duplo set.
  10. Goki wagon
    Once your children start walking, they’ll want to start pushing too. This wagon will move wherever their hearts desire.

Kids 3-4

  1. Tonies Toniebox
    Parents can’t stop raving about the Toniebox and the magical audio world that they unlock.
  2. Ravensburger Tiptoi
    One of those cool educational gifts for kids that has plenty of replay value that you might also find interesting as a parent.
  3. Mucki Fingerfarbe
    Kids love making a beautiful mess sometimes! They might as well do it with completely safe and bright finger paint.
  4. Vtech 100 Word Book
    You’ll be amazed at how quickly kids pick up words, and there’s 100 of them in this talking book.
  5. LEGO classic set
    Once your kids are ready to graduate to regular Lego from Duplo, you’ll want to get this classic set.
  6. Reds Swim Academy swimming trainer
    This bright red swimming trainer is a can’t-miss item with smart safety features for any body of water.
  7. Children’s yoga picture cards
    Healthy mobility is important at every age! There are 30 poses in this book with friendly illustrations.
  8. Magnetic painting board
    Encourage the budding artist in your family with this magnetic painting board that makes it easy to draw and erase.
  9. Sachen Suchen book
    Didn’t you love hidden picture books when you were a kid? This book paints a colorful portrait of life on a busy farm that’s a feast for the eyes.
  10. Niagara Blue water track
    Wondering what to give a kid who has everything? Well, you can add this impressive play set to the list. It’s a fully functional water park with multiple toys and interactive elements.

Kids 5-7

  1. Fitbit Ace 3
    We rate this wearable high on our list of cool tech gifts for kids. Why? It’s practical and they won’t outgrow it in a year.
  2. Kearui walkie talkies
    Here’s a gift with a retro flavor. Help your kids run around, hide, seek, and stay in touch instantly with these walkie talkies.
  3. Hudora scooter
    The thrill of riding a scooter never seems to get old! It’s also a great way to encourage kids to get outside.
  4. Stabilo watercolor and wax crayon set
    Inspire the inner artist with this high quality crayon set that also includes a sharpener.
  5. LEGO Space Station set
    There are so many amazing Lego sets to choose from, but we’re partial to the ones that may inspire a love of science and exploration.
  6. Ravensburger Junior Labyrinth
    We love a good board game that kids can play on their own or invite the whole family to get involved with.
  7. Bosch tool box
    There’s more to this toy tool box than meets the eye! The power drill actually rotates with realistic sound.
  8. KOSMOS herb garden
    This is more than just a toy – kids can actually grow edible herbs and see the magic of nature with their own eyes.
  9. Der größte Schatz der Welt book
    This beloved picture book is a heartwarming tale that has stood the test of time.
  10. Warum Quiz
    This is an age when your kids will be information sponges, and this is the perfect game full of facts and information to satisfy their curiosity.

Kids 8-12

  1. LEGO BOOST creative toolbox
    Another one of our favorite tech gifts for kids and yet another Lego item on our list – this creative toolbox is an amazing opportunity for older kids to dig into their imagination. It’s also a healthy introduction to STEM ideas.
  2. Bop It
    Yes the Bop It is still around! It’s a durable and timeless toy that kids still never get bored of.
  3. Tamagotchi
    Largely unchanged for decades, the Tamagotchi is as addictive as it’s ever been.
  4. Kosmos bath experiment set
    Here’s a cool science gift for kids. A versatile experiment set that you can safely play with at home.
  5. Hudora big wheel scooter
    Once your kids are big enough, it’s time to level up to a bigger scooter.
  6. Trivial Pursuit family edition
    Family game nights never go out of style! Trivial Pursuit is one of the all time classics.
  7. Kriogor children’s digital camera
    This camera’s easy to use, takes great pictures, and provides an outlet besides a smartphone or tablet.
  8. Settlers of Catan board game
    Inspire a competitive and creative streak with this cult classic game.
  9. RC truck
    Remember wishing for one of these when you were a kid?
  10. Nintendo Switch Lite
    It’s on the pricier side, but studies keep showing the benefits of video games, and there are plenty of great titles to choose from on the Switch.