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The best free coloring games for kids

Check out the best free coloring games and printable coloring pages for kids.

by The Totoli Team

Online and printable coloring games to spark their creativity

Coloring books were likely a fixture of our childhoods at home and at school. They were great opportunities for us to express our creativity visually, learn about animals, shapes, and numbers, and make the time pass easily for our parents. Our children’s generation can do the same both offline and online. These are some of our favorite coloring games for kids, including free coloring games, animal coloring games, printable coloring pages for kids, and more.

  1. Sesame Street Art Maker
    Elmo has more than a dozen different coloring games for little kids to enjoy, with each offering a unique theme. They can choose between painting the night sky, a birthday cake, a pizza, or Sesame Street’s very own Cookie Monster. Elmo has encouraging directions for each game and some of the painting options offer a fun surprise.
  2. Animals Coloring Book
    This lovable coloring game is as simple as it gets, but we love the ability to instantly save any image so you can keep your child’s creations forever. You could even set it as your desktop wallpaper! All you have to do is pick an animal, pick your colors, and start coloring.
  3. Happy Crayons
    These happy crayons are ready to color! Choose from 36 different drawings including outlines of animals, foods, and fun objects, and start coloring in the lines or outside of the lines, whichever you prefer. Saving finished pictures is also easy, and you’ll be coming back to this free online coloring game again.
  4. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
    Drag and drop characters from Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood and place them anywhere on the screen to create your own scene to color. From there it’s as simple as choosing your colors and painting between the lines. Each scene can be as simple or elaborate as you like!
  5. Creative Puzzle
    This one’s more than just a coloring game – it’s a feature-rich puzzle, coloring, and memory game with multiple levels and a list of achievements you accrue as you play. Each level is a picture that you have to replicate by coloring, either from memory, or by trying out different colors. If your kids are looking for a little more of a challenge than your average coloring game, this is a great option.
  6. Creative Coloring For Kids
    This game takes the same premise of Creative Puzzle, but with even more complex images and a different set of colors. Each image can feature more than five different colors, so you have to memorize a lot of details or try as many different color combinations as you need. If it gets too hard, don’t worry! You can always see the original image again.
  7. Sarah and Duck Colouring Game
    Another casual and fun coloring game where you can pick one of 10 different pictures of Sarah and Duck to color with a unique palette. The best part of this game is the adorable audio encouragement from the characters to let you know you’re doing a great job.
  8. Mosaic Artimo
    Join Artimo the tiger on his quest to color in all the mosaics in the jungle. The game is simple at first glance, but there are many levels to advance through, and the mosaics get more complex. All you have to do is follow the guide for which mosaic tiles to color in each round.
  9. Crayola Coloring Pages
    Online coloring games are great fun for kids, but there’s still a place for the old-fashioned paper coloring pages too. If you have a set of crayons or colored pencils at home, all you have to do is print these coloring pages directly from Crayola’s official website. There are more than a dozen different categories, including seasons, vehicles, celebrations, and even Disney characters.
  10. Super Coloring Pages
    If you can’t get enough coloring at home, there are literally thousands of different coloring pages to print for your kids from this site. We’re particularly fond of all the different animal images that are both fun to color and interesting to learn about. Beyond the usual black and white outline pages, there are also dot to dot images and even step-by-step drawing tutorials.
  11. Just Color Kids Coloring Pages
    If you’re looking for unique coloring pages you probably won’t find anywhere else, we recommend this site that features dozens of different popular media and entertainment properties your kids will recognize. They can color in pictures of their favorite TV and movie characters, and if that’s not educational enough, you can even pick works by well known artists throughout history.
  12. Color by Number
    Color by number is a popular coloring game that even adults often enjoy. The premise is simple – you color in squares in the images based on the color assigned to it. Zoom in to fill in the details and zoom out to see the bigger picture until you finish. You can even close the game and come back with your progress still saved. With this game you can color by number online and never have to worry about pen or paper.
  13. Toonia Colorbook
    Instead of asking what are the best coloring books, we’re asking what are the best coloring games. Well, the Toonia Colorbook is basically a digital coloring book in an app. There are 160 different pages across 20 different themes with more than 100 different colors and patterns. Easy mode allows your children to always color in the lines, but you can turn this off to let their imagination run wild.
  14. Colorfy: Art Coloring Game
    Is the Colorfy app free? It’s definitely free to download, and you can subscribe for weekly updates of new coloring pages. This is one of the most popular coloring apps that adults also enjoy because of the rich and detailed images and coloring methods.
  15. Paint By Number Coloring Games
    This is one of the best free color by number apps available, with unique and vivid color palettes that go way beyond your usual crayon pack. The basic idea is straightforward, but there are plenty of in-app challenges like puzzles that make this more engaging than just another coloring game.