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We are parents, dreamers, makers, designers. Kids at heart, we're a candid, passionate group of people each with our own unique skills and stories.

How we work

At Totoli, we've peeled back on policies and procedures, working instead from a stance honoring freedom, responsibility and trust. We value respectful and open communication and data-backed opinions. We base all our actions on what's best for our customers — young children and their parents.

As hungry learners, we're continuously adapting our approach to working. One element we're constantly refining is how to best build a hybrid remote team and offer a culture that allows people to do their best work from anywhere.

While we maintain an office in Berlin's Mitte neighborhood that is open to all, our team members can work asynchronously on flexible schedules thanks to transparent communication.

As a small team, we put a lot of emphasis on building a supportive environment, one that's inclusive to team members of all backgrounds. We're always looking for people who want to join us on our journey, welcoming a diversity of viewpoints to enhance the products we're creating.